INL, NaMLab and CEA-LETI are co-organizing a workshop on Ferroelectronics which is co-located with DATE 2022 and will take place online on Friday March 18th 2022.

The goal of the Ferroelectronics workshop is to bring together experts from both academia and industry, interested in this exciting and rapidly evolving field, in order to foster exchanges and ideas around the latest state-of-the-art and discuss future challenges. This one-day event consists of a plenary keynote from U. Notre Dame and invited talks given by experts on both BEoL ferroelectric capacitor and FEoL FeFET based designs from NaMLab, GlobalFoundries, FMC and CEA-LETI, as well as two open-call sessions for regular and poster presentations.

The submission deadline for posters and papers is December 17th 2021 - details can be found here.


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